Past Projects of IDEA

  • Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre: IDEA implemented with the support by UNICEF in the 2007-2008. It was handed over to District health society .This Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre was unit for the management of severely malnourished children where they are kept under observation and provided with medical and nutritional care. Here in addition to medical care special focus is being given on timely, adequate and appropriate feeding to the children and also efforts made to improve skills of their mothers on complete care and feeding and follow up of their children at household level. Also caregivers of malnourished children will be taught the preparation of low cost nutritious diets from locally available food stuffs.

First Batch was started from 31st of August 2007. This day only 2 children were admit but next day 10 more children admit. 6 batch i.e. 72 children has been treated and nutritional food are given. Pediatrician and ANM   taking care of health part of mal-outrushed children and other staff are taking nutrition and other management of NRC.  Total 168 children and mother were benefited in 14 batches. Food distribution are started from 6 8 p.m. its include soya biscuits, milk, fruit, DALIA, egg, potato, vegetable, KHICHRI and dal roti . List of amount and types of food was given by UNICEF. Generator facility also available for light, water supply etc.

  • Targeted Intervention Project for AIDS Control: The Institute for Developmental Education and Action intervention a program on preventing and enhancing information about AIDS with the help of Bihar State AIDS Control Society (BSACS), Patna in Sheohar district The program mainly emphasis on creating awareness among people and disseminate the information about HIV/AIDS through various activities and special focus on high risk behavior group like sex workers, MSM and truckers. This project is now completed.
  • ASHA Training: IDEA had implemented in ASHA training program in 10 PHC with the support of state Govt .on 2009-2010. In which 1282 ASHA were trained in 82 batches. This training was 12 days non-residential training which 2, 3, 4 trading module were taught to ASHA.
  • IDEA is active member of Bihar forum for crèche & child network in which early child hood care and development, immunization and nutrition, maternity right, Pre-primary education and registration of birth are main issue.

Some more project details are given below-

Sr. No. Title of the Project and Location Name of the Funding Agency Duration of the Project Achievements
1 Parivartan PCI through Bill & Milinda gates foundation 2012-2014 3000 SHGs group formation and handled to BRLPS, awareness of health sanitation through groups meetings etc.
2 Improving reproductive and sexual health of young people by increasing the age at marriage MAMTA-HIMC, New Delhi 2009-2013 Decreases in the cases of early marriage/child marriage, counseling them to better education, linkages of youths group with Nehru Yuva Kendra etc.
3 Strengthening community based mechanism for enhancing maternal and child health MAMTA-HIMC, New Delhi 2008-2012 Decrease the number of cases in maternal and child death, linkages with Govt. services etc.
4 Action for social change in kotwa (ASCK) Geneva Global, USA 2011 – 2013 SHGs formation and about 15 lakhs savings in the groups to fight with debt bondages, 20 non formal education centre and 2 special school for child labour, small business started by the community with the help of revolving fund supported by IDEA etc.
5 Action for social change in kotwa and turkauliya Geneva Global, USA 2014 SHGs formation and about 20 lakhs savings in the groups to fight with debt bondages, 25 non formal education centre and 2 special school for child labour, youth information centre for the villages children for their updating on world scenario, livelihood support to survivors families, educational support to survivors, counseling to survivors  etc.
6 Akshay project EHA 2011-2013 Motivated to TB patient for their regular treatment etc.
7 Missing child alert (MCA) Gram niyogen Kendra, UP 2013-2014 Skill training to trafficking children, livelihood support to trafficking survivors parents, counseling by counselor etc.

Present Projects of IDEA

Sr. No. Title of the Project and Location Name of the Funding Agency Duration of the Project Achievements
1 Action against malnutrition (AAM) SDTT, Mumbai 2013-2016 15 crèches running in Mushar (SC) and minority community for malnourished children who suffering from nutrition problem and not better treatment, system strengthening through various way like one to one interaction, program etc.
2 Attempt for slavery eradication & rehabilitation (ASER) Geneva Global, USA 2015-2017 Above 30 lakhs savings in SHGs to fight with money lenders high interest rate of loan, Non formal education centers for child labour, Start small business by the community, Getting social security schemes, counseling support to survivors, Support to rescue team during child labour rescue operation at district level, skill training to parents of the survivor to  start their income generation, skill training to survivor age group of 17 above to start their livelihood generation, community vigilance committee to vigil the village to stop trafficking and easily access of Govt. schemes at community level, linkages with BRLPS, PM Jan Dhan Yojana, PM Bima Yojana etc.
3 Leprosy control Damien Foundation India Trust 2013- 2017 Support to leprosy patient as a livelihood option, regular treatment and disability pension to patient, linkages with Govt. services etc.
4 Shakti Angan Trust 2014- 2016 Motivating women, men and adolescent on various issues through groups meetings and motivational game especially on trafficking and child labour issues with the focus of regular schooling of children.