IDEA implemented with the support by UNICEF in the 2007-2008. It was handed over to District health society .This Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre was unit for the management of severely malnourished children where they are kept under observation and provided with medical and nutritional care. Here in addition to medical care special focus is being given on timely, adequate and appropriate feeding to the children and also efforts made to improve skills of their mothers on complete care and feeding and follow up of their children at household level. Also caregivers of malnourished children will be taught the preparation of low cost nutritious diets from locally available food stuffs.

First Batch was started from 31st of August 2007. This day only 2 children were admit but next day 10 more children admit. 6 batch i.e. 72 children has been treated and nutritional food are given. Pediatrician and ANM   taking care of health part of mal-outrushed children and other staff are taking nutrition and other management of NRC.  Total 168 children and mother were benefited in 14 batches. Food distribution are started from 6 8 p.m. its include soya biscuits, milk, fruit, DALIA, egg, potato, vegetable, KHICHRI and dal roti . List of amount and types of food was given by UNICEF. Generator facility also available for light, water supply etc.

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